Married young


HELLO GUYS! today I'm going to me talking to you about getting married young. I got married at 20 years young and my husband got married at 19. we got married young because it was our choose to be together. At first it was hard because we started living with my brother for 3 months because my husband would only make 800$ a month and it wasn't enough to get our own place. we ended up moving to a different state because my husband got a great job there. The first two weeks we lived with his brother  family. they had 3 kids and only 2 rooms so we basically dint have privacy for us.two weeks passed and we moved to another small apartment with two rooms and one restroom so it was perfect for us, we would only pay 550$, but the apartment had a lot of problems. the central air was broken and the land lord said that it would take two days to be fixed but it was never fix. also the land lord had said he had fumigated the place but that was a lie because we would see bugs crawling all over the place and finally the refrigerator that the land lord had in that place did not work. the refrigerator was broken and the only thing that work was the freezer but it wasn't cold at all, I would put my milk juice and veggies in there. we ended up moving out cause my husband hated that the land lord wouldn't do anything to fix it so we only lasted for 3 weeks. then we move to a house that was okey it had two bedrooms and one restroom a kitchen and a small living room and no dinning room but it was okey because it was only me. we lasted a year in that house and we even had a child in that house. the rent for that place was 450 so it was great for us. we moved to his brothers house because his brother ended up going to Mexico so we stayed paying mortgaged aka renting his house for 450$ now that my husband wins good money it saves us a lot of money cause the rent is cheap and the place is okey. it has a big living room, a good size dinning room, a kitchen, two rooms, one restroom and a big back yard and is great since we now have our second child. Its been hard at first cause we started with noting just the bed and the box spring and our clothes that we had. it took us almost a year to settle down and buy our first living room our two tv's  our dinning table out bed set our appliances like refridge, stove, washer and dryer. we even have 3 cars. at first it was hard but it just took time an patience to do it on our own without anyones help. yes it was hard but we got through it. so if you get married young and don't have nothing don't get disappointed just keep in mind that you all can doing it together but it will take time but if you are not married yet take your time. :)

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